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Types of Auto Collisions | Tipton Auto | Brownsville, TX

Auto Service and Body Repair

For high-quality service and repairs, it’s best to head to your local dealership. Whether you simply need an oil change or you’ve nearly totaled your car in an accident, our well-trained and dedicated staff will get your car in working order.

Types of Auto Collisions

Rear-End Collision: A rear-end collision is usually less serious than front-end collisions, as they’re more likely to happen at slow speeds. Common at stoplights or while reversing, these collisions sometimes just require the removal of dings and dents, plus a paint job. However, in severe cases you may need a new rear axle. We can help with either case.

Side Swipes: Usually causing cosmetic damage, a side swipe happens when a car rubs up against your car. This usually happens when your car is parked, though it also happens when merging into traffic. You can sometimes lose a mirror, but most repairs include removing scratches, touching up paint, and polishing out any scuffs.

Single-Vehicle Collision: These are among the most common accidents, as they include incidents in which a car hits an object instead of another driver. Single-vehicle collisions can be severe if you hit a deer or a building at high speeds; however, some are simply caused by hitting shopping carts in the parking lot. Because one object is usually stationary, these collisions are often less severe.

Head-On Collision: This is perhaps the most severe type of accident, as it occurs when two cars collide head on. At high speeds, it is commonly fatal, and many people may total their vehicles in these collisions. If you’re in one of these accidents, it’s likely you’ll need mechanical repairs like a new water pump, fuel pump, radiator, or axle, as well as cosmetic repairs such as dent removal and paint.

Rollover Accidents: These accidents are common among SUVs and vehicles with a high center of gravity. When struck, a vehicle can roll onto its side and destroy the body. In some cases, there may also be mechanical damage. Technicians may be required to rebuild or replace pillars, windows, axles, and doors.

Regular service and repairs not only prevent breakdowns, but they can also extend the lifespan of your car and maintain resale value. For all your maintenance and repair needs, visit us at Tipton Auto.

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