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Give Your Car a Makeover | Brownsville, TX

Everybody loves makeovers – especially when it's a car makeover! If your used car needs a refresh, here are some tips that will help your used car feel like new.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Give your car a total scrub-down to make it feel fresh and new. Start on the outside by going through a car-wash or giving it a self car-wash to get rid of dirt, mud, sand, or grime that has accumulated on your exterior. Be sure to also wash the undercarriage and wheel wells of your car. After you've tackled the outside, turn to the interior and give everything a good organizing, dusting, and scrubbing.


If you love to hear that engine roar, you'll want to make sure it's roaring properly. Our service department at Tipton Auto will do a full-inspection and tune-up of your car to make sure it's performing the best that it can. And when you get back behind the wheel, you might feel like you're driving a whole new car.

Paint Job

Over time, paint on your car can chip and fade. Start out your paint job by fixing these flaws with paint pens or other methods. Then, you can look into getting a fresh topcoat so that your car looks as bright (or even brighter) than the day you bought it.

Upgrade Features

If you really want to try something new with your car, consider upgrading some exterior or interior features. Talk to us at Tipton Auto about what we can do for you, whether that's adding an improved sound system for your favorite music, new wheels, or even a fun racing pedal kit.

All of these upgrades (and more) can make your used car feel like a brand new one. If you want more tips on how to spruce up that car of yours, we're always here to help at Tipton Auto.

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