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Importance of Tire Care | Brownsville, TX

Types of tires

There are numerous different types of tires, some better suited to specific conditions than others. Let’s go over some of the most important types.
  • All-season tires – These are jack-of-all-trades tires that do everything pretty well but nothing exceptionally. They’re a good pick for the average driver and in climates with a moderate range of temperatures.
  • Winter tiresIt would be surprising if you needed those in Texas, but given the 2021 ice freeze, you never know. These tires are the best in icy and snowy conditions, but also if it’s just really cold.
  • Summer tiresThey deliver the highest grip and are intended for high-performance cars, but they only work well on warm, dry pavement. They also wear faster than all-season tires, especially if you’re actually using all of that grip.
  • Light truck tires Designed for light-duty pickup trucks, these tires are designed to handle heavier loads than the tires you might find on a traditional passenger car.
  • All-terrain tiresIf you’re going off the road a lot, get all-terrain tires. They’re louder and less efficient than all-seasons on the pavement but will do a much better job of getting you moving in the mud.

Why air pressure matters

Most people know that tire pressures should be inflated up to a recommended amount. But why? What happens if tires are underinflated or overinflated? Both have tradeoffs and the manufacturer-suggested pressure is typically a nice compromise.

Underinflated tires generally provide more grip at the cost of lower fuel economy, higher tire wear, and an increased risk of blowouts caused by the higher friction. Overinflated tires generally provide more fuel economy but can also wear faster and less evenly. Additionally, they are more likely to be damaged by road imperfections like cracks and curbs, and to blow out if you hit a nasty pothole.


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