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Car Care Tips for Hot Weather | Brownsville, TX

South Texas temperatures are no joke, especially in the summer and early fall. As you shield yourself from the sun’s rays and try to stay cool, here are some tips for making sure your vehicle stays protected as well.

Top off fluids

Important fluids like oil and coolant are more likely to dissipate quickly when it’s hot outside. Checking fluid levels regularly and topping them off can help prevent overheating and other unpleasant surprises. For assistance with fluid checks, you can bring your car in for a checkup at Tipton Auto.

Check the tire pressure

When the weather’s hot, make sure to check your vehicle’s tires monthly and keep them at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels. Underinflated tires are more likely to blow out when exposed to high temperatures. Even if you’re spared that worst-case scenario, low tire pressure can also hurt your vehicle’s handling and fuel economy.

Test the battery

Hot temperatures can force your car’s battery to work much harder than usual, especially when the air conditioning is running full blast. During warmer seasons, it’s wise to get your battery checked every month or two so it doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Block the sun

In hot conditions, take steps to prevent the sun from baking your vehicle’s cabin. Parking your car in the shade is an easy way to keep your upholstery and interior surfaces from bleaching in the hot sun. If no shade is available, consider purchasing a fold-out reflector panel and placing it inside the windshield. You may also want to install seat covers to protect the upholstery.

Wash and wax

When the sun beats down on your car’s exterior, your paint job often pays the price. Be sure to wash (and carefully dry) your vehicle often to remove dust and dirt and keep the paint from cracking or fading. It’s a good idea to get your car waxed regularly, too, for additional protection from the sun.

By following these easy hot-weather steps, you can extend the life of your car, protect yourself on the road and increase your comfort behind the wheel. And if your car needs an inspection to ensure it’ll survive the heat, bring it into the service experts at Tipton Auto.

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